Is Cell Phone Coverage A Disconnect for Residents?

Published December 1st, 2016 by Valerie

Several remedies for poor cellphone signals exist – but there’s no silver bullet.

By Valerie M. Sargent / Multifamily Broadband Council

"When I moved into my current home, I was frustrated to find that my cellphone, which had worked at my previous location, did not work well in my new neighborhood. I eventually had to switch cellphone carriers – after talking to neighbors and ensuring my chosen carrier had a strong signal – so that I had a workable phone at home.

At the 2016 Broadband Communities Summit, a multifamily professional asked me whether the MBC had found a solution for poor cellphone signals. Her issue was related to metropolitan high-rise buildings, but this is a common issue for other types of MDU communities as well. In an MDU, asking all residents to change carriers won’t work, but several helpful technology approaches can enhance service quality if needed ..."

Read our full MBC Technology Column article in Broadband Communities Nov/Dec 2016 issue.


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