Initial Comments Received Regarding MBC Article 52 Preemption Petition

Published June 14th, 2017 by Valerie

Multifamily Broadband Council has been hard at work in support of our petition asking the FCC to preempt Article 52 of the San Francisco Police Code. Thank you to all of of our members who were able to submit comments of support.  

Here’s where things shake out so far. In our initial round of comments that were due in May, 26 parties filed in the opening round. Opponent commenters had six comments against our petition. The remaining twenty commenters were in support of our FCC preemption request, and generally consisted of service providers and real estate or property management companies, along with a few trade associations.
On Friday, June 9, 2017, replies to those comments were due. Again, opposition showed smaller numbers with only four opponents responding. We had 11 replies in support of our petition (including our own), and one of those single replies was from a group of 15 different apartment companies representing 1.2 million apartment units. 
You may have access to view any and all replies and comments on the FCC website HERE
Our MBC response was longer than originally envisioned. Our attorneys identified some additional arguments they thought warranted discussion; they also wanted to leverage the helpful evidence submitted by supporting parties. We felt it was a strong reply with a multitude of specific legal examples to back our request for preemption. 
To read our latest MBC reply in full, view it HERE.
After reply comments are filed, parties are still free to make additional filings.  We’re likely to have an open window until the time comes that the FCC makes a decision during their regular course of business. 


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