ALERT: MBC Responds to Proposed San Francisco Ordinance Affecting MDU Wiring

Published November 28th, 2016 by Valerie

As we let you know previously, there is a proposed ordinance for the city and county of San Francisco that would give control of the MDU wiring to the residents as opposed to the owners, potentially impacting service providers and owners alike, which is a major concern for our industry as far as precedents are concerned. 

Multifamily Broadband Council's Government Relations Committee has been formulating MBC's formal response to this issue that is being fast-tracked this week in San Francisco. MBC is against this ordinance for the following reasons (detailed fully for you here):

If the Ordinance becomes law, effective competition will cease to exist.

If the Ordinance becomes law, lower income consumers, students and seniors will be at risk of losing cable and broadband services altogether.

If the Ordinance becomes law, service providers will not agree to customer service commitments.

The Ordinance will spawn chaos and encourage unfair practices, including vandalism, in multi-tenant properties.

The Ordinance will remove any incentive for service providers to upgrade their on-site networks. 

The Ordinance will provide a litigator’s paradise. 

As a reminder, it is your support through membership and payment of your dues that allows us to go to the mat and ensure that your business is protected. All independent broadband operators in the MDU space should be members of Multifamily Broadband Council in order to have a stronger collective voice. Please feel free to share this response with any operators who are not currently members and encourage their involvement and support of MBC.

Please view MBC's Full Response to the Board of Supervisors with full details.


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