The Multifamily Broadband Council (MBC) is the only true collective representative for independent broadband providers who service the multifamily industry. MBC brings together leading companies in our industry to uncover new opportunities and solve real problems facing your organization.  If you provide Video, Internet, WiFi and/or Voice services to multifamily communities, Multifamily Broadband Council membership is a must. 

Utilizing our vast network of resources and expertise, MBC can significantly increase your profitability and lower your costs by keeping you informed of the latest technologies, regulatory issues, competitive forces and other trends affecting your success. Additionally, our Internal Referral Network allows you to receive leads from Multifamily owners who are looking for broadband alternatives at their communities.



As a non-profit trade organization, payment of dues by our members allows us to pursue initiatives that benefit our membership. This includes things like:

  1. Helping manufacturers test new technologies in the MDU environment.
  2. Exploring industry solutions for technology challenges in common.
  3. Monitoring FCC activity that could impact business practices for independent broadband operators competing with large franchise cable and telephone companies.
  4. Introducing you to new vendors and technologies that will help grow your business.
  5. Access to education and relationships that will strengthen your company.
  6. A resource for potential new business when inquiries for business come in through the MBC website.

Your support ensures continued viability for our industry.



By becoming a Multifamily Broadband Council member, you will have access to:

  • Timely newsletters and member emails with immediate updates in regard to FCC regulations or industry activity
  • Technology releases that impact service provider and supplier business

  • Education about issues affecting broadband and communications sectors and how they impact the multifamily housing industry

  • Priceless networking opportunities with peers and colleagues across the Nation

  • Learning about FCC regulations and rulemakings and their impact to your business that you may not otherwise know about

  • Regulatory updates that affect our members, and the opportunity to shape those decisions to the group's mutual benefit through collective action

Multifamily Broadband Council is the only organization that exists to protect and strengthen the business of independent broadband providers. Support within the industry is extremely important. 



Our Board has experience and history with the FCC, and through our efforts we have been able to influence many issues that have favorably impacted non-franchise service providers. MBC is the the only dedicated resource that consistently works on stabilization of the industry through the power of our collective force.

Interested in joining us? Click here to become a member and we’ll get you everything you need to get started.

Thank you to all of our valued members for their ongoing support. Your dues work to allow us to work for you.

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Membership does have its privileges. As a member, you will receive The MBC Newsletter, Special Alert Bulletins, event discounts and access to important industry changes and their effects.

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