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Broadband Industry Partner Members Work with Top Experts in MDU

In the Broadband industry, knowledge of the evolving marketplace and your professional network are paramount to successfully sustaining and growing your business. As a Multifamily Broadband Council member, you have access to both.

MBC maintains relationships with leading independent broadband operators with access to multifamily companies across the nation. Becoming a part of this network can assist you in growing your sales channels significantly. Our operators are always looking for new vendor relationships and we gladly connect our members for collaboration.




One third of the population in the United States lives in multifamily housing. This is a tremendous opportunity for growing market share and increasing profitability. Because the multifamily customer is so important, and because there are so many different facets involved in bringing technology to this customer, there is a strong need to service this market. The needs are unique and vary from vertical to vertical: Traditional, Student Housing, Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Military Housing.

MBC can help position you for growth in this unique industry by offering opportunities to companies that support the business of non-franchise operators and service providers. Whether you are a manufacturer, content provider, distributor, network engineer, equipment supplier or consultant, we will connect you to the experts in this industry who need you. You will learn about common challenges these partners face, and you can be part of their solution.




Some of the most influential companies in the industry serve on our board and guide our organization. The companies that support our independent operators with hardware, software, services, equipment and programming help take their business to the next level, and partnerships are critical to success for all. Because the MDU environment differs so much from entity setup to building structures, there is no place else you can go that understands the market better. It is far different from working in the single family arena.

Multifamily Broadband Council brings together the top independent providers servicing this market. We offer news and networking opportunities that allow our members to engage in meaningful dialogue about new products and business development. Need to test equipment with a trusted source prior to rolling it out? The MBC Board will help give you the feedback and endorsement you require, lessening your time needed prior to going to market.

As a member of MBC you will be kept apprised of industry developments as they happen, and your business will be able to react and plan accordingly. From distribution to partnerships to product development, you will strengthen your business as a member of Multifamily Broadband Council. 




  • Introduction to operators who need your products and services, helping to increase sales and profitability
  • Understanding of the three different Multifamily customer groups: Owner, Onsite Management, Resident
  • Conduct prototypes and testing through MBC to reduce your time to market on new products and services
  • Expand your network among independent service providers and MDUs
  • Support the only organization in the industry that is working to protect the business of your partners
  • Determine what is needed to service the different verticals within the Multifamily industry: Traditional, Student Housing, Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Military Housing
  • Form alliances and partnerships with industry experts nationwide to deploy products across a broad, growing market
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of this evolving industry, including unique challenges it faces by having an ear to the conversation among the industry experts
  • Access to our annual conferences to assist you in maximizing your R.O.I. and exploring new revenue sources
  • Profile and listing on the MBC website
  • Powerful marketing and industry identification, including MBC endorsement with Multifamily owners


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