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Independent Broadband Operators Have a Collective Voice with MBC

All independent broadband operators and service providers who are members of Multifamily Broadband Council are better positioned to successfully navigate the growth, inevitable changes and technology development in our industry as you serve the many verticals in multifamily communities.

With rapid technological advances in how media is distributed and consumed, MBC has access to some of the top companies providing content, hardware, software and innovative technology to help you evolve with the changing landscape of your business.




When Multiple System Operators, Franchise Cable and Telcos are lobbying hard with the FCC, the only voice that Independent Broadband Providers serving this unique market have is through Multifamily Broadband Council. All members of MBC are assured they have an advocate on their side to help their business remain competitive against the larger players.

The FCC likes to hear from our representatives because they are not typical lobbyists, but rather are business owners doing business in the same space with the larger companies and keeping competition alive and well. One of our main goals is to shield your business from rule makings or regulations that would make it difficult for you to remain competitive. Most of our service provider members don't have the size, dollars or knowledge to do this on their own.




Multifamily Broadband Council fosters knowledge and networking among our members, helping them be better equipped to compete against billion-dollar corporations in the multifamily market and beyond. Broadband operators can leverage MBC's vast network of industry leaders and experts to receive timely and powerful advice that will help you take your business to the next level, starting today.

We provide strategic guidance, connections and solutions to common industry challenges. MBC is also the go-to resource for Multifamily communities who are looking for local support and specialized offerings. We consistently refer inquiries from owners who are eager to appoint the right partner to our members who can assist them in achieving their goals.

Join MBC now to take advantage of our expansive knowledge base and be part of the ONLY organization championing the rights of independent companies who are competing with large franchise operators in the MDU space.




  • Being able to accomplish more together as an industry than apart
  • Knowledge of working within the Multifamily industry and the many facets involved with putting systems into different verticals: Traditional, Student Housing, Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Military Housing 
  • Access to our annual conferences to assist you in maximizing your profitability and exploring new revenue sources
  • Support against issues stemming from franchise competition
  • Representation and a contributing voice in front of the FCC - you are now invited to the table, and our board contains two legal representatives with years of experience working with the FCC
  • Ongoing news and information exchange about topics that matter to your business
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities among members
  • Knowledge that will help you increase sales, profitability and market share
  • Alliances and partnerships with industry experts nationwide
  • Consideration as a referral solution when Multifamily Owners ask MBC to recommend regional broadband options
  • Profile and listing on the Multifamily Broadband Council website
  • Access to equipment, software, supplies and services from top industry companies serving our market
  • Powerful marketing and industry identification - being a member boosts your credibility as a provider
  • Solutions to common industry challenges through work groups and committees


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